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Streamline and
enhance the Wills drafting process
Wills production made simple
Imagine being able to create and customize Wills, Powers of Attorney and other related documents quickly and accurately. Now you can.

A highly comprehensive, yet easy-to-use program, WillPowerWeb produces exactly the documents you want. Create and insert your own clauses so your documents are customized. You can even save your clauses and use them later on.

Maximizing your efficiency has never been so easy.

With WillPowerWeb, you also benefit from:
Universal access, 24/7
State-of-the-art security
Transaction-based pricing (only pay as you use it)
Not having to pay License Fees or Support Costs
Our Clients say...

Technology that's cost-effective
You can think of LDD applications as a complete package of services. There's no need to buy hardware. No need to install and upgrade software. And no need to worry about storing information. That's because the actual software you are using resides on LawyerDoneDeal's state-of-the-art blade servers, which are safely located in a secure environment. Your data is protected on our computers because communication with LawyerDoneDeal's servers occurs on an encrypted basis.

What this all means for you, of course, is reduced costs and increased efficiency.

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