For those who have uninstalled Microsoft Security Update KB3008923 in order to restore proper functioning of pop-ups in LDD applications, proceed as follows:
  1. In your Control Panel, click:
    • System and Security
    • System
    • Windows Update

  2. If, after you uninstalled update KB2008923, you hid it so it wouldn’t install again, you’ll need to first unhide it in order to re-install it now. To do so start with step a). If you didn’t hide it, start with step b ):

    1. Restore Hidden Updates
      • Select the Cumulative Security Update (KB3008923) and Restore it
    2. Under Windows Update
      • Select Check for Updates (click Back for this selection)
      • Run All Important updates. This will run KB3008923.
    3. Repeat Check for Updates
      • Again run all important updates – this time to run the new update: KB3025390
  3. Restart your computer and run your LDD application
If you would like assistance with this, please contact LDD Support at 800 363-2253, 0 to walk you through it.