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Sales centres, builders and their lawyers sharing the same data
Bet you never thought you’d see the day that new home sales centres, builders and builder’s lawyers could share data using the same technology platform, with no need to “re-key” information? GUESS WHAT…THAT DAY IS HERE!
A complete, web-based system for lawyers acting on new home sales. Click here to learn more.
The name of the game is CONNECTIVITY. RealtiSalesCentreTM is designed to give a builder complete control of the builder’s sales and prospect data, together with robust analytical tools and inventory/pricing control. Builders' lawyers using RealtiBuilderSales™ have the ability to migrate data from RealtiSalesCentre to create project documentation, without the need to re-key data. Click here for more.
LDD creates unprecedented connectivity between stakeholders, and makes the real-estate transaction process easier for everyone. This not only includes lenders and legal professionals, but also title insurers and new home builders.

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