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The new age of Title Insurance and web-based services
LawyerDoneDeal has always strived to be the leading provider of web-based services for the title insurance industry. Others talk about it, but a look at what they actually offer shows they provide nothing more than a simple, online order form. It has no real benefit to you, the insurer, or your clients.

We pioneered and deployed a complete internet-based underwriting and distribution system for the LAWPRO TitlePLUS program. This is a Canada-wide title insurance policy application system that manages orders, electronically underwrites them, and then issues the policies. Now we have brought our expertise to the U.S with EPIC.
The Electronic Policy Issuance Capability is our web-based underwriting and distribution system, specifically designed for the American title insurance marketplace. EPIC is redefining the title insurance business in U.S. Combining leading-edge electronic underwriting capabilities with unprecedented policy issuance management, our user-friendly design is a new benchmark in title insurance and web-based services. Click here for more.
We recognize that creating the best web services means that attorneys and title agents need more than just a way to issue policies efficiently. EPIC's myriad of value added capabilities include a streamlined HUD preparation functionality, easy to use forms, quick data import and export capabilities, and cheque writing and disbursement tracking systems. These are but a few of EPIC's many built-in features.

Call us to try it out and see for yourself.
LDD creates unprecedented connectivity between stakeholders, and makes the real-estate transaction process easier for everyone. This not only includes lenders and legal professionals, but also title insurers and new-home builders.

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