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RealtiWeb is Canada's leading web-based conveyancing software
From Vancouver to Halifax, no conveyancing software covers more of Canada
What makes RealtiWeb so popular? No other conveyancing software offers so many features in such an efficient and easy to use web-based package. RealtiWeb puts you in control of real estate transactions. You can produce documents, manage files, and even apply for title insurance. There are no license fees, no support costs and signing up is free. You simply pay for the services you use.

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Control YOUR documents and Precedents
No other conveyancing software matches RealtiWeb’s built-in word processing capabilities. With a simple interface, importing your prece-dents or creating your own document masters is as easy as point and click!

Import Data and Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
Whenever possible, we help you import (and export) data with provincial land registries, mortgage lenders, other law firms, etc. Plus – once the data is in RealtiWeb, it’s available for you to use how you like – without retyping!

Perform all Calculations
Simply enter the details of your deals and RealtiWeb handles all the calculations for you.

Share Documents and Deal Information
Want to share a document (or set of documents) and collaborate with the other side’s legal representation? RealtiWeb makes it easy to control what you share and who you share it with!
From RealtiPLUS® to RealtiPlusWeb® to RealtiWeb®, LDD continues to provide the very best web-based solution software for real estate conveyancing.

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Our Clients say...

Technology that's cost-effective
You can think of LDD applications as a complete package of services. There's no need to buy hardware. No need to install and upgrade software. And no need to worry about storing information. That's because the actual software you are using resides on LawyerDoneDeal's state-of-the-art blade servers, which are safely located in a secure environment. Your data is protected on our computers because communication with LawyerDoneDeal's servers occurs on an encrypted basis.

What this all means for you, of course, is reduced costs and increased efficiency.
® RealtiWeb, RealtiWeb and design, RealtiPLUS, RealtiPLUS and design and RealtiPLUSWeb and RealtiPLUSWeb and design are registered trademarks of LawyerDoneDeal Corp.

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